Ark CashXAC

Revolution occurs in common sense of cryptocurrency.


What arethe technical advantageson the main net


Realization of anonymous transaction
by TX encryption
to a third party.


First-ranked real-demand industry that
many of the encryption currencies have
not achieved.


Adopted a state-of-the-art
digital signature


In the main net,
fast arrival by fast
transaction processing.


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What is Ark CashXAC = $0.01

It is a coin which is occupied more than 99% of the Internet and is widely used by the virtual world that is much larger than the internet space accessed by the general public.

The final achievement point of this project is in purification and optimization of this industry, and it will be a useful project to make a big change in this market. This protocol will be treated as a state-of-the-art cryptology in the block chain. As bit coin developers say, “freedom (privacy) is only ahead of cryptographic technology. Also, real cryptographic techniques can only be developed through privacy space.”

It is a purely inheriting project of that cipher's punk message.

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Platform&Technical development
Marketing&Business (listing EXCHANGE)
Reserved Fands
Working Capital

※There is a slight delay in development.
※The funding will end on February 20.

Fourth Quarter

・project start
・Market Research

Second Quater

・Technical Feasibility
・Business strategy
・Assessment by each Professional

Fourth Quarter

・Advertising activities

First Quarter

・Token making
・Pre sale start
・Hard cap 5M $ clear

Second Quater

・Listing Exchange
・Main net α version testing

Fourth Quarter

・Practical start in each Market
・Target price $0.1

The First half of the year

・Blockchain High speed Update
・1Block = 1 sec processing

The Second half of the year

・Digital signature “BLISS”
・Transaction Encryption


Points to keep in Tor network!

Ark Web is a highly anonymous and flexible network, but there are outlaws here and there. But that is only a small part. Here are some notes on usage. · Do not enter other dubious sites. · And even if it enters, never enter personal information or credit card information easily by shopping. There is a possibility that there is an arbitrary cause of being created a counterfeit credit card.

Although it seems that it is possible to intrude to the encryption network including Tor browser etc. as it is able to browse this site, for the sake of safety, I propose setting of exclusion node.

Normally, connecting to the dark web is via multiple nodes (terminals). This can be set arbitrarily. However, there are countries and individuals collecting information at this node. There are some who are providing with good intentions. However, it is said that there are about 10% of malicious nodes. It is dangerous to exchange information while hitting such a node unfortunately. That is why we set up exclusion nodes with the settings described below, but there is a possibility that it is still not perfect.

From here we go into setting. The troublesome one is okay with the default setting, but if you are just in case please try reading further. ① Click the onion icon to find TorNetwork Setup, so let's check My ISP blocks connections to tor network. ② Let's arbitrarily choose obfs4 or meek-azure etc. in the bridge setting. ③ Go to etc → tor → torrc from where you installed Tor and use a text editor other than Notepad.

ExcludeNodes SlowServer, {jp}, {gb}, {us}, {ca}, {au}, {nz}, {Ro}, {es}, {se}, {l}, {lu}, {l}, {l}, { ch}, {ru}, {hk}, {il}. StrictNodes 1.

Let's type in this way. In the supplementary explanation, if you set StrictNodes to 1, we will send an order that you can absolutely protect your promise of this setting. If it is 0, what happens is that it is occasionally frequent and will not keep your promise. ExcludeNodes excludes nodes and exit nodes that go through in the middle. In addition, ExcludeNodes SlowServer avoids slow nodes. ExcludeExitNodes is called an exit node and excludes nodes that are said to be undesirable to keep it less anonymous here.

Although the setting is over with this, if you are worried about virus infection etc. further, please install a virtual terminal etc and prepare for case of a case.

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